We made the Inc 500|5000 list …. a big thanks!


Inc 500|5000 Photo



Today the announcement for this year’s Inc 500|5000 honorees came out and Richter10.2 was on that list. The list is made up of the fastest growing companies in America with the average growth ranking of 468%. In the editors letter that was sent to me, he stated that this year was one of the most challenging years to date to make the list so we definitely feel honored.



Great companies such as Oracle, Patagonia, Intuit, Under Armour, Timberland, Zappos, Microsoft, Jamba Juice, Otterbox and the list goes on have made the list in the past making this one of the most prestigious business awards out there.



So we wanted to say thank you to our clients and those that have worked with us over the years. We really appreciate you putting your confidence in Richter and showing your support and loyalty to our agency. It’s helped us immensely and we’re truly happy you chose to go with us and allowed us to do what we do best to help you grow your venture. We really love this business and it’s honestly a real win when we see our clients booming. So thanks for your support!



So with that said, we must be doing something right!…. In fact, we accredit our success almost exclusively to the very products and services we sell as an agency. Our videos and strategic relations campaigns have been the fuel for our sales strategy here at Richter and without them, we’d be a sitting duck! So the proofs in the pudding sort to speak. Our communications and sales strategies are extraordinarily effective and we’d love to work with you to help you make the list as well (if you haven’t already and if you have, well then we’ll help you keep the momentum) 🙂



Thanks again for your support and as always, reach out for anything!



– Robert