Strategies that built one of the fastest paced agencies in America

In 2008 we started an agency with two partners, two laptops and a handshake which became one of the fastest growing companies in America that’s reinventing how agencies should function. We’ve succeeded as well as fallen on our faces many times along the way taking detailed notes of what worked and what didn’t. This book represents the notes that have gone from our journal to these pages to result in one of the most practical and applicable business books to date. It’s for any business person or entrepreneur to gain insights that can be used and applied immediately to help navigate your path toward truly attaining your goals. Consider this a journal of What Works.

No fluff. Just hard won lessons from our journey building from the ground up

If you’re like most business people, you’ve read many books on business. Some good and some bad. I think you’ll agree that what separates the good from the bad is not the writing but the use and applicability of the book. You want something you can use. Something that helps you forward your goals. Not fluff that’s based on some study from someone who has never actually built a company from the ground up. We can assure you of this: What Works is based on our experience from building our company from the ground up with no investment capital from $2000 our first week to what is currently a multi-million dollar agency 4 years later. We know What Works and lucky for you, we wrote it down.